What is a Boot Camp?

What is a Boot Camp?

For the last few years the buzzword in the fitness industry has been ’Boot Camp. So just what is a Boot Camp?

Put simply it is a structured fitness program, Boot Camp takes it’s name from American military jargon, a Boot Camp is slang for the place where new recruits are trained. The similarity with a fitness Boot Camp is that the training is structured to build methodically from one level to the next.

Typically a fitness boot camp will last from 4-6 weeks comprising of 2-3 fitness classes each week. The classes are planned to ensure a logical progression in the level of skill and fitness the candidates need at each stage. So and you get fitter, stronger and more adept at the exercise routines, so the routines become more advanced.

When you first start on the road to improved fitness Boot Camps have a great advantage over regular ‘drop in’ type classes. In the regular class various people are at different stages in their training and fitness which makes it difficult for the instructor as they are teaching at multiple levels simultaneously. With a Boot Camp the group all start from the same base level and progress together, this makes it much more practical for the instructor to develop the participant’s fitness level throughout. At the end of a Boot Camp you should have the skills and knowledge needed to carry on developing your fitness by yourself or you can continue with drop in classes or enrol on an advanced level boot camp.

No Fad Fitness will be running a series of Boot Camps as well as drop in classes, throughout the year in March, Doddington, Wimblington and Chatteris. Keep an eye on the website for dates or join our Facebook page www.facebook.com/NoFadFitness or use our contact page to register your interest.

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