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Berry Oat Bars

Having pre-made, ready to grab snacks to hand is a huge help when it comes to regulating your calorie intake. As an alternative to chocolate bars and biscuits there are many healthy looking cereal an granola bars on offer. Some of these are a pretty good option but, be sure to read the label as […]

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Healthy Quick and Easy Bean Salad

I like to eat healthy food as a matter of habit but sometimes it’s hard. If you just want a quick snack preparing something healthy can all seem a bit too much bother but there are plenty of very quick, very easy and affordable ways to avoid the biscuit tin or reaching for a loaf […]

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CHICKEN AND FRUIT CURRY   Preparation and cooking time 15 minutes Ingredients: ·         4x skinless chicken breasts, cubed ·         Ix tin of coconut milk ·         2x firm bananas cut into 2” pieces ·         12x Lychees, skinned and stoned ·         2x small oranges, peeled and sliced thinly ·         1x onion, course chopped ·         3tbsp medium curry powder ·         Salt to taste Heat a little […]

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