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Beginner Fitness classes Feb 2016

Great new classes starting on February 3rd 2016 for beginners to improve their fitness. Are you; Lacking energy to do things? Overweight and unhappy about it? Unfit, getting out of breath whilst doing daily tasks? Unable to enjoy activities with your children? Worried about your heath due to poor fitness and excess weight? If the answer […]

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About Pilates.

For those of you who have not yet discovered the wonders and benefits of Pilates, the let me explain more. Pilates is primarily a core strengthening technique, it targets the deep postural muscles and in turn, helps to strengthen the spine and the abdominals. But of course, it’s also an over all body work, which aims to […]

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What is a Boot Camp?

What is a Boot Camp? For the last few years the buzzword in the fitness industry has been ’Boot Camp’. So just what is a Boot Camp? Put simply it is a structured fitness program, Boot Camp takes it’s name from American military jargon, a Boot Camp is slang for the place where new recruits […]

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