As someone who works mostly outdoors I absolutely need sunshine. I hate our British winter when we have very short days and very little sunshine. But it is now February and I can tell you as only someone who is outside all yeaar round year after year, that we usually get a few fantastic sunny days in February. Days when it is warm enough in the sun to get your shirt off and soak up some gorgeous radiation. Sceptical?

Just follow this guide to make the most of it.

  • As the suns azimuth is still very low the best of the warmth is to be had in early afternoon.
  • When you witness a morning full of sun, start arranging to have some free time after lunch.
  • Then get yourself out side and start to execise.
  • Make sure you are in full sun, maybe start with a short run then crack on with with some body weigh execises.
  • You will soon start to warm up, get your shirt off and carry on with your exercises whislst soaking up the suns rays for an hour.

It is a glorious and welcome relief after a grey and cold winter, your batteries will feel recharged and you will feel much happier.

As a landscape gardener I am lucky enough to be able to this whilst I work and I’m really looking forward to my first session this year. Get out and worship Sol.

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