To perform a push up to true form you need strength in your arms, shoulders, chest and, often overlooked, core.

Begin by doing what are commonly known as ‘Girly Push-ups’ these are performed with your knees on the ground and your hands on the floor beneath you just over shoulder width apart. Hold your body in a straight line between your knees and shoulders. Do not allow your hips to drop or raise your bum up in the air. Slowly lower yourself until your chest is almost touching the ground. Keep looking up as this will help to keep your torso straight. Raise your self back up to the starting position.

It is important that you observe good form and pracitice at this level until you have mastered it.

The next stage is to try inclined pushups. For this you adopt the correct position for a proper press up, which is the same as before except this time it is your toes that are on the floor instead of your knees and you must maintain a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders. Place your hands on a wall or the edge of a stable table and lower yourself to just above your hands as before.

Keep practicing with incline push ups using gradually lower objects on which to place you hands. Always observe good form and don’t rush to the next stage until you have mastered each one.

Other exercises to help you build the strength for pushups include, planks, bench dips and bench press

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