As a fitness professional I have always aimed to deliver effective fitness programs that will make a real difference to my client health and quality of life. This means delivering carefully planned training packages which will improve mobility, strength, cardiovascular performance and help make significant reductions in unwanted body fat.


This is something I have been successfully delivering through my monthly Bootcamp program by varying the type of workout to avoid stagnation and the use of scientific evidence about the way and rate in which our bodies adapt to different stress and exercise routines to our advantage.

Our biggest loser so far lost an amazing 11.5lbs

in just one  Bootcamp!

This is done by alternating between HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Strength & Toning and Cardio Endurance training. NFF  training combines elements of all of these to create our Bootcamp for accelerated gains in strength and fitness whilst really targeting those stubborn fat deposits.The results speak for themselves and I am very proud of my programs and of my students.

Not only this but I am going to offer a very special price to those of you who are willing to commit to a full Bootcamp course. Each Bootcamp course lasts for 1 calendar months and consists of 2 sessions per week. Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7pm at St Wendreda’s Church Hall.

And Now Another Offer!

If you are attending Bootcamp for the first time with the intention of losing a few pounds then I will give you a no quibble guarantee that if you don’t lose lbs of inches, I will give you your money back in full. All I ask is that you must attend all of the sessions.

As far as I know I am the only trainer in the area who

has enough faith in their service to offer a guarantee like this.

Don’t miss out on this great offer, register here; or call me on 07927 328853 now.


There will be some photography and/or filming at these sessions, this is for use in promoting my classes to others. If you do not wish to be identified in these images please inform me so that I can conceal your identity before they are used and will know not to ‘tag’ you in Facebook Posts etc.

Each workout will last for 40-50 minutes, during this period we will be exercising and quite intense levels. If your medical status changes at any time please inform me, especially if you experience;

Dizziness, fainting, chest pain, severe shortness of breath or acute joint pain.

Your health is of paramount importance!
*The £40 offer price will continue each month for as long as you keep coming back.

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