About Fat Loss Bootcamp February 2016

SONY DSCThe next Bootcamp starts on the 2nd February and there are very few places left, so you need to act fast!

January’s Bootcamp will be centered on getting you working in the ‘fat burning zone’ and increase your endurance levels. This means we will be working at a steady but sustainable level for the duration of each session. That make this month a particularly good time for a beginner to join our highly successful Bootcamp series.

To reserve your place  call Jim 07927 328853

I know that for the majority of people starting a fitness program weight loss or at least fat loss is the main motivation. Steady state cardio type exercise has for a long time been considered the best way to target fat loss and that is how the ‘Melt It Off’ Bootcamp is going to work. Science has more recently discovered the limitations of this (see more about ‘adaption’ below) but as part of training cycle or as a stand alone short program;

it is a highly effective technique for targeting unwanted fat.

But why do you alternate between HIIT, fat burning and Toning/strength and conditioning programs?

Because our bodies are amazing, we adapt incredibly quickly to new situations, stresses and environments. Most of that adaption takes place very quickly, in fact within the first 4 weeks of encountering new challenges, after that the rate of adaption decreases significantly. So if I just did the same program over and over your body would not respond as well. For this reason we should all cycle our routine every 4 weeks. So from HIIT we swap to toning and then to endurance before going back to HIIT. This keep the body challenged and forces adaption and change, giving us more consistent and sustainable results.

Does someone you know keep going to the same fitness class or bootcamp month after month but never looks any slimmer or fitter? Now you know why!

If you want to get fitter, lose some weight and feel great like Bob and Natasha register by email, phone or message and get your guaranteed place reserved;

Or call Jim 07927 328853

I am offering this 3 week Bootcamp for just £40 but this price will be going up for future bootcamps, get in on it now and you will continue to get this great introductory price for as long as you keep coming each month. If the great price and great reviews aren’t enough,

I am also going to give you a full money back guarantee!*Boot Camp winner

If at the end of the Bootcamp you are not satisfied that I have given you a great training experience and delivered on my promise, just say “Sorry Jim but you let me down!” and I’ll give you back all of your money and hope that you’ll give me a chance to do better next time.

Sessions will be Tues & Thurs at 7pm and Sundays at 9am.

I look forward to working out with you.

Or call Jim 07927 328853

Jim Gardner

*Money back offer applies to new customers only and is subject to 100% attendance.

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