Beginner Fitness classes Feb 2016

Great new classes starting on February 3rd 2016 for beginners to improve their fitness.

Are you;

  • Lacking energy to do things?
  • Overweight and unhappy about it?
  • Unfit, getting out of breath whilst doing daily tasks?
  • Unable to enjoy activities with your children?
  • Worried about your heath due to poor fitness and excess weight?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then these classes are a great place for you to start changing that.

Over a period of eight you gradually and safely become acclimatised to increased levels of physical exercise to take you from coach potato to hot potato.

Each week the level of intensity, duration and difficulty of the class with increase slightly, in line with your steadily increasing fitness ability until, at the end of eight weeks, you are ready to join in with my regular Bootcamp classes, or any of the classes offered by any of the other fitness professionals in the area, safely and with confidence.

Don’t worry about being judged for your current level of ability, everyone needs to start somewhere and I aim to provide a supportive environment where you will receive plenty of encouragement and recognition for your efforts.

All it really takes to improve your health and fitness is consistency, turn up for lessons, avoid the bad foods (or at least restrict your intake of them). But no matter whether you just want to feel a bit better or your aim is to run a marathon, the important thing is that you keep at. There are no quick fitness fixes so set your targets at a level that you will be able to sustain and you will succeed.

As well as training in the classes you will learn exercise techniques which you can use at home with little or no equipment other than that which you would normally find around the home. So you will be able to add in a few more exercise sessions on your own if you feel up to it or continue after the course ends.

The price per class is £7 or you can save a heap of cash by paying in advance for all 8 classes for just £40. That’s a saving of £16.

Plus, if you make the commitment and attend all 8 classes and you don’t loose weight or feel fitter, I’ll give you your money back! That’s right, I guarantee you will get results.

Places are limited so reserve your place now,

contact me by email Jim or phone 07927 328853

Be happy and healthy in 2016

Jim Gardner

Ts & CS and other stuff you may want to know.

Classes will be held at 7:30pm on Wednesdays at St Wendreda’s Hall, Church Lane, March.

There will be some photography and/or filming at these sessions, this is for use in promoting my classes to others. If you do not wish to be identified in these images please inform me so that I can conceal your identity before they are used and will know not to ‘tag’ you in Facebook Posts etc.


Each workout will last for 40-50 minutes, during this period we will be exercising and quite intense levels. If your medical status changes at any time please inform me, especially if you experience;

Dizziness, fainting, chest pain, severe shortness of breath or acute joint pain.

Your health is of paramount importance!

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