A Halloween Post


    1. If you hear any strange creepy noises, do not investigate. Proceed in the opposite direction.
    2. Do not walk towards the strange light (see above for further instructions).
    3. If you are abducted by aliens keep your buttocks tightly clenched at all times.
    4. If you are persued by a mad axeman, as you are running away be sure to point out fallen logs that would make good firewood. You never know it may help.
    5. If you are being persued by a werewolf run towards where there are other people. When you get to them, throw the other people behind you and keep running.
    6. If you are running along and your face goes through a spiders web, do not scream. It will attract the werewolf.
    7. If you are running in the Fens do not worry about werewolfs, Black Shuck has killed them all.
    8. Snakes are not very active at night, but they still get mad if you step on them, don’t!
    9. Ditto alligators and crocodiles.
    10. If you are running in the Fens, don’t worry about alligators, crocodiles or snakes. Black Shuck killed ┬áthem all.
    11. If you are running in the Fens, look out for Black Shuck!


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