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Pilates. A great way to end a busy day.

Just back from my weekly Pilates class, for me it is a great change of pace to the level and type of exercise I normally do. Just slowing down the pace and taking time to reconnect with the smallest of functional movements is really grounding, not to mention relaxing. What may look like a very […]

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About Pilates.

For those of you who have not yet discovered the wonders and benefits of Pilates, the let me explain more. Pilates is primarily a core strengthening technique, it targets the deep postural muscles and in turn, helps to strengthen the spine and the abdominals. But of course, it’s also an over all body work, which aims to […]

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Choosing the right bottle for your water or energy drink.

SOME INFO ON BOTTLE CHOICE Getting the right kit first time can save you money and make your training experience much more enjoyable. This article is to help you choose the right water bottle for you, whether you are goning running, doing Pilates or joining a Boot Camp. Plastic Typical exercise bottles are made out […]

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