Running my first 13.1 miles

I was supposed to be running a 10k event today organised by a local club but, there is a bit of snow on the ground so they cancelled it. I was very disappointed as this was to be my first competitive event and I had been anticipating it all week.

So as I was expecting to run today, run I did. I got my gear on and off I went with my trusty dog and running companion, George. We headed up the river Nene from home, it is a long straight stretch mostly grass bank heading North East. The snow on the ground was very loose and lay over slippery mud so this first section was quite treacherous. We also had the added discomfort of running directly into a 30mph icy cold wind. I intended to run 10k but as we approached the turnaround point for a 5k I considered turning back. When I reached it I had settled into the run and gotten used to the poor conditions so decided to carry on.

At the 10k turnaround point I was feeling much more positive though a look at my GPS watch indicated that I was way behind my usual time for this marker and had no hope of setting a decent 10k time. So I did the only thing I could and pushed on to do a half marathon.

I had attempted this on the same route a couple of weeks before but, due to a slight navigational error I discovered, to my great disappointment that I was 1.5k short of the distance. This was particularly upsetting as I had made very good time. This time though I didn’t expect to meet my 2hrs 30min goal but just to complete in these conditions would be an achievement in itself for me.

After 9k we turned out of the wind and things got a little easier but I could feel I was already very tired. Running across the wind now the snow had drifted off the Fens and onto the track, in places it was 12 inches thick. This forced me to run on the higher verges where the ground was very lumpy and rough.

Extreme fatigue set in at about 18k and it was getting to be a real battle of will just to put one foot in front of the other and by the final 2k I was hobbling as much as running and desperately checking the Garmin every few seconds to see if I had completed the distance.

Eventually of course I did, and I had done it in just 2hrs and 25minutes, a feat that I had shortly before thought to be impossible for me.

As a personal achievement this run means far more to me than any 10k finishers medal ever could. My message to the running club that cancelled because of the snow is this;

“You lot need to man up a bit!”

Good luck with your own goals, 😀

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