NFF at Go Insane obstacle course race, Cambridge.

Members of No Fad Fitness, took part in Go Insane Obstacle Race at Washbrook Farm MotoX track in Doddington.exercise classes were worth it

The course comprised of a 5km circuit consisting of multiple water obstacles and other challenges. Participants faced climbing walls, tunnels and crawls under cargo nets through thick black mud, but by far the biggest feature of the event was water, lots and lots of water!

There were no sanitised, freshly filled pools for these runners, just long standing boggy pools that sucked their feet and legs down as they jumped ran and waded through, often chest deep, before scrabbling up muddy banks to continue running.

you have to be fit for thisTwo of NFF’s group continued around for a second lap of the circuit to complete the 10km challenge.

For two of the group this was their first obstacle racing event and they are both hooked, already they are making plans and talking about training for the next one. Hardly surprising as they had so much fun and such a sense of achievement from completing Sundays event.

Obstacle racing is a fast growing sport here in the UK and throughout the world. Unlike normal running races, this kind of event requires a good level of all over strength and fitness, including upper body, in order to tackle the obstacles efficiently and safely. It is also a huge amount of fun for groups of friends and colleagues to do together.The finishers

If you want to get in shape for a Obstacle Racing Event, or any other reason, you can join NFF at the Community Centre Station Rd. March on Thursday Evenings at 8pm for some all over strength and conditioning circuits. Contact Jim 07927 328853.

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