Often when we hear the word”meditation” we conjour up images of mystical holy men sitting cross legged and levitating whilst mumbling ancient chants or stoned hippies staring into space repeating “Ohmm, ohmm,ohmm”.

I discoved the benefits of meditaion for myself many years ago but, not through any mysticism or sprirituality. I discovered how to meditate to music. It doesn’t even matter what kind of music, well bland pop is probably a bit useless as it lacks depth and complexity. What I mean is I can zone out completely whilst listening to heavy rock, soul, jazz or classical.

First you need to be alone and, importantly, with out fear of interruption. If you think someone else is going to interrupt you then they already have. You cannot relax fully whilst anticipating disturbance.

You also need to remove outside noises from the equation. When I was younger my favorite way was to play the music really loud, thes days in defference to my neighbours I put on headphones.

Next you must get comfortable. Whatever suits you, a deck chair in the garden, on the sofa, the floor or in bed,

Then put on you music and listen to it with an intensity you never have before. Search the background and isolate the instruments you would not normaly notice. Allow your self to wander through the music studying different aspects and their relationship to the whole. If you  have selected to right track, something complex and well orchestrated, you will soon be totaly immersed in the music. Your head will be clear of all other thoughts, your worries and concerns will leave you for now and you can be at peace for a while and enjoy temporary respite from the troubles of the world.

You may have to practice this a few times and experiment with different tracks and if all else fails have a couple of glasses of wine first.

But I have found this is the easiest way to achieve real peace and drift into a meditative state.

Usually when the music ends I still lay immovable and at peace with the world, though aware that the music has ended, for some time.

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