Getting coached by the best.

Back in November, when I was starting to think more seriously about doing this London 2 Cambridge Ultra-Marathon, I was browsing YouTube looking for anything about ultra running when I came across a home-made webcam video of a young guy talking about how he prepares for an Ultra Marathon. Assuming he was a keen amateur with a couple of runs under his belt I started a dialogue with him, asking questions about nutrition and bouncing my ideas and plans of of him and he was really helpful.
He gave me lots of advice and encouragement and wished me luck for the event. Since then I have watched quite of lot of videos of some of the worlds top runners and events but for some reason it wasn’t until yesterday that it dawned on me that the guy I was getting all that advice from was Sage Canaday, multiple times world champion Ultra Marathoner, winner of just about every race over 50 miles or more in the world, and of quite a few Marathons including Boston.

Sage Canaday winning the Tarawera Ultra Marathon 2014 in New Zealand

Sage Canaday winning the Tarawera Ultra Marathon 2014

What a fantastic bloke for taking the time and trouble to help out a complete novice like me.
It’s like getting advice on riding a motorbike from Valentino Rossi!
Certainly an auspicious start on the road to my Ultra-marathon goal. It was good advice too, especially about nutrition during the run, I’ve been following it on my training runs and it’s working well.
So having been coached by the best I have no excuse for failure now.

You can find out more about this generous athlete by watching his YouTube channel;

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