Fatties Working Out!

Too Fat To be Seen Exercising?

Something I have often heard as a reason for not exercising is that people are too embarrassed of their current body shape to go to the gym, or go out running. This doesn’t just apply to those who are very over weight but is often cited by people who are of average size and build as well. These people feel that they are going to be judged on their appearance and that everyone will be staring and pointing at them. Sure there are some shallow posers in some gyms, but the fact is that people who are at the gym to work out are more likely to have a negative opinion of the posers than they are of someone who is genuinely trying to get fit and improve their health regardless of how they look.

It is a common misconception that those of us who are fit and who do work out regularly, judge fat people when we see them running or in the gym. The fact is we admire them for trying! It is not easy to get back into shape after you have let yourself go. To some degree or another most fit people have experienced this for themselves.

On the whole we would offer encouragement and advice to people who are starting out on the road back to fitness, if only they weren’t too shy or ashamed to speak to us.

When I see fat people out running it always makes me smile and I silently wish them the courage and will power to keep it up and make a difference to their health and wellbeing. I can’t help but admire a person who is out there doing it despite the fact that is obviously a painful and difficult process for them, it takes far more courage for someone overweight and out of shape to lace up their trainers and drag their saggy body out of the house than it does for me to do so.

However when very overweight people claim that they are happy being that way it makes me sad, sad because I don’t believe them, and because it always seems to me that they are trying to convince themselves more than convince anyone else.

It is very difficult to make meaningful changes to your lifestyle, none of us like change and most of us are afraid of it to some degree, but who could be happy knowing that they will be a burden to their children by the time they reach retirement as their mobility will be so badly impaired there will be many everyday tasks that they will be unable to do for themselves? Who could be happy that they are more likely to suffer with crippling illnesses, such as type II diabetes, stroke, heart attack, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure high cholesterol, certain cancers?….the list goes on.

No doubt this will attract a negative reaction from those who are not ready to accept the reality of their long term health outlook, but for anyone who is ready to improve their prospects there is plenty of help and advice available from your GP, slimming groups or some of the many fitness professionals who offer classes locally.

So if this is you come along to one of our classes and I promise you that I will offer you support encouragement and helpful advice to ease your transition back to better health and fitness.

 It might not be easy but it’s never too late.

My very best wishes to everyone who takes action to get fitter and healthier.

Jim Gardner
No Fad Fitness

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