Avoiding Fast Food and Takeaways


Our local high street if full of takeaways, sometimes it seems that every second shop is offering unhealthy fast food and now we have new chain sellers opening up on the outskirts of town as well. All of this temptation around us makes it difficult to resist the easy option of buying fast food instead of shopping and cooking for ourselves. But we know it’s not good, so wherever you are, March, Doddington, Chatteris, Wimblington,or Wisbech, just look around on your local high street at the size of people, the size of us as a nation is growing and I’m not talking about population numbers. We used to laugh at the Americans for being so obese, no longer can we be so smug.

So accept his challenge from me, No Fast Food or Takeaway For 4 Weeks!

Just 4 weeks can make a real difference, not only are you likely to notice some weight loss just from avoiding fast food but it is long enough to break the habit and at the end of the Challenge you are unlikely to go back to using takeaways as frequently as you do now and you will be more likely to pause and think before you do.

To help you complete this challenge don’t take it too lightly. Hopefully you will go on from this to greatly reduce or even eliminate your long term consumption of all junk food.

Much like giving up smoking you should avoid “Triggers”. Take a few moment to think about the circumstances that lead through the Golden Arches. For me it’s the need satisfy hunger whiulst rushing around from one place to another on a busy working day, lots to get done, not enough time and the need to eat quickly. It’s just functional, I don’t enjoy it and I know I’ll regret it but it is convenient and fast.

To avoid this trap make sure you have some healthy snacks in the car to tide you over until your next proper meal. I keep some nuts, seeds and/or dried fruit to hand.

The second pitfall for me is having young children. I don’t want them to eat this junk but they consider it a treat and the prospect of a toy figure from the latest hit kids movie doesn’t help.

I haven’t quite craked this one yet, their visits to ‘Macky D’s’ and not frequent, less than once a month. Everytime I tell myself I wont have anything but will wait until I get home but it’s just too convenient to eat at the same time as them.

So, give some thought to the triggers that preceed your own fast food indulgences and have a strategy to deal with them. As the saying goes “PLAN FOR SUCCESS”. 

And if you need more inspiration here’s some encouragement not to eat McDonalds from others;




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