About Pilates.

For those of you who have not yet discovered the wonders and benefits of Pilates, the let me explain more. Pilates is primarily a core strengthening technique, it targets the deep postural muscles and in turn, helps to strengthen the spine and the abdominals. But of course, it’s also an over all body work, which aims to elongate muscles, as opposed to building short bulky ones.

Pilates is often used as part of a rehabilitation program, as well as being used to prevent injuries. The reason for this, is that Pilates focuses on technique, alignment and controlled flowing moments that are safe and low impact. These movements help to strengthen the muscles around the joints and ligaments which helps prevent injuries. In fact many professional athletes, dancers and sports people use Pilates as part of their everyday training, as it compliments their training of choice.

When embarking on a fitness program to lose weight, people assume that more high impact exercises or ‘fat burning’ exercises are the way forward. But it’s important to do a combination of high impact training, that will get the heart rate up, as well as a combining this with Pilates, which is a low impact conditioning technique, that will tone and strengthen the body simultaneously. This will particularly benefit people who are not used to exercising, as they will no doubt lack strength and need to prevent injuries occurring, from the high impact training that they’re also doing. 

Pilates tones from the inside out, it aims to lengthen muscles and it will reduce inches off the body, if performed regularly.

One of the most fabulous things about Pilates, apart from completely toning and changing your shape, is that it makes you feel, strong, empowered, less stressed, focused and energised. All of which, go a long way towards self confidence and over all happiness.

There are many pilates classes available in and around March, Wimblington, Doddinton and Chatteris, not all are the same as there are several versions of Pilates and different instructors will teach with emphasis of different aspects, so try a few to see which suits you best before you commit.

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